Free Hourly Bitcoin Lottery

1,000 Satoshi to a Lucky winner Every hour!

Winners from Last 12 hours

  1. 3NsbVTfkdz1vTk8LDZyckaHFhGcGx57W9g (Weight: 6) [Verify]
  2. 12XVcyYC1CdQqdVnxLFyf463zgX3nzk2Ts (Weight: 5) [Verify]
  3. 1DnZCYApkNULYHTi5CVRf9Vr7FZgXe9uSo (Weight: 1) [Verify]
  4. 12XVcyYC1CdQqdVnxLFyf463zgX3nzk2Ts (Weight: 7) [Verify]
  5. 13rEpgbP7wThMyUHrZhQzbNWVB5SoDfMaK (Weight: 4) [Verify]
  6. 1FQKAtRiYDtmrHTq77QChfr6W4Acc7kcVn (Weight: 6) [Verify]
  7. 152ZEJWDJF4gnomU2ZqauZKESqQZTBcj8p (Weight: 6) [Verify]
  8. 1BqpdFYVxEcx3rwgp2fBj1QidAGXPtyjze (Weight: 5) [Verify]
  9. 1j1qppEVnVbW99b11JNKkLb6cRHxymiD5 (Weight: 5) [Verify]
  10. 152ZEJWDJF4gnomU2ZqauZKESqQZTBcj8p (Weight: 6) [Verify]
  11. 1D25zxcoDftEpPQyDD5bA2q2crayeLJdVq (Weight: 11) [Verify]
  12. 1DfK4wwZ1eUtagbLkb5tj2GMj144mDQX4b (Weight: 10) [Verify]

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You get one ticket every 5 minutes for free! Claim with your address multiple times to increase your chances.

How to participate:

  1. Enter your Bitcoin address, fill the captcha and click on "Participate!" button.
  2. You'll get 1 Satoshi credited to your wallet and your address will be registered for the lottery.
  3. You can get same address registered multiple times (by claiming every 5 minutes) to increase your chances of winning.


This is hourly lottery, and a winner is chosen every 60 minutes.

How are winners chosen:

All the participating addresses for the hour are randomised and a winning addresses are chosen. Same addresses with multiple claims are not grouped, so multiple claims increases your chances. Everything is automatic with scripts and we do not choose winners manually.
List of winners will be displayed daily with the address to their Faucethub wallet to verify the payout.
Previous winners can participate too, without any restrictions.


  • If you are found to be using VPNs or proxy, you'll be banned permanently

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