Convert e-Gulden to Bitcoin Zero

(Only Numbers and Decimals)

Convert e-Gulden (EFL) to Bitcoin Zero (BZX). Current market cap of EFL is 444,414.00 USD while the market cap of BZX is 0.00 USD. The trading volume of e-Gulden for last 24 hours is 473.39 USD and trading volume of Bitcoin Zero is 10,999.63. Total supply of e-Gulden is capped at 20,838,725 and currently 16,996,072 e-Guldens (EFL) are in circulation. Total supply of Bitcoin Zero is 12,035,090 and its active supply is 0.

Currently 1 EFL is worth 1.14 BZX. The price of e-Gulden has increased by 11.22% while the price of Bitcoin Zero has decreased by -8.56% in the last 24 hours against USD. Use this EFL to BZX converter to convert e-Gulden to Bitcoin Zero or to thousands of other currencies on our website.